Thursday, November 12, 2015

New Scams from Nigeria?---Money can not wired to Nigeria from other countries execpt China?

I got a friend from Nigeria saying he has someone to send him money for some"farming" business.--((he did not explain the business much..))

Now he wants me to receive this money for him, because apparenty, this money can not wired to NIgeria directly, for god knows" reasons.  But all the wires from China will be just fine.. 

when done, i wire this money back to him. and get I get a share like 5%.
He says that I am the only he  knows here china and whom he trusts and the money is all clean and nothing to do with the laundrying...

It seemed strange to me but  I sent the company account, I will have nothing to lose? will I? 

He too got me really excited by asking about  how much does the account can take?
Then I know he said something upto 200,000 US$. now imagine that times 5%....for my handling....

Now two days past, his client( the man how's supposed to wire the money) is still " watching" , I guess and he's asking me about whether am I knowing anyone from perito rigo? I was like " why" but  before he answers the question, I said I have someone in USA that I'd trust..((i think I am very bad a negotiator)

Now he's asking how much do i trust this contact in USA, and if things are fine, his client would probably send this money to this contact, and we do the rest of the handlings...

I think now things are geting a little bit too complicated,  and I am like in a blur now,

 is it a new kind of Scams?  how do they gonna work it out? how ? on me?

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